These pieces, embedded in an absolute black, defy the perceptual conventions of chromaticism and immerse us in a profound exploration of the dichotomy between absence and presence in art. Each brushstroke and texture sculpted on the canvas facilitates the interaction between the light and the work of art, incessantly generating new and ephemeral shadows and glimmers that give life to images in continuous metamorphosis. The relief, like an imperishable witness to the passing of time, reveals that the lack of colour does not imply a lack of vitality or dynamism. On the contrary, it is in this penumbra that the hidden nuances emerge, and the perceptive possibilities unfold in a myriad of forms. These paintings serve as allegories of the inexorable passage of time and the concomitant symbiosis between light and chromatic lack. Each shadow and sparkle prompts us that time is immutable and that each instant shifts with it new, fleeting and transcendental revelations.