PASACHIQ Quechua: something obvious but that nobody recognizes

The Marcahuasi plateau, located at 4200m of altitude, in the mountains of Lima, is recognized as one of most important magnetic and energetic centers is the world. Known not only by its petrous formations, but also for its profound signification for the Andean cosmovision. The stone is considered a wise and conscious entity, bearer of collective memory and ancient wisdom that transcend through time.

Each piece of this exhibit is composed of an analog photograph that shows the subject of touristic interest in its context; and a digital photograph, that reveals the tangible erosion marks on the stone, as if they were scars or milestones that symbolizes the depreciation of Andean cosmovision nowadays. The duality of the stone as a physical and spiritual element becomes evident and aims to promote a deeper comprehension of our own relationship with the past and nature, appraising these natural and historic vestiges.