WARACHICUY Quechua: Rite of passage to maturity

Interactive installation that invites the participants to ponder the impact of our actions in nature, both on the individual and collective level. It is composed of a desk equipped with a keyboard, an RTC monitor, a hidden printer and a simple prompt: “write a word and press enter”. Beautiful images of textures in nature are displayed.

As each letter is typed, the chosen word is superimposed over the displayed image, as an innocent game. Simultaneously, the programming assigns a destructive effect to the image of nature for each letter entered. By pressing enter, the altered image is printed and revealed to the participant, who then must paste it on a designated mural.

The final mural is composed of all the printed images, merging their individual reflections in a collective manifesto. Through the public’s active participation, a space for dialog and reflection is created, where the relationship between the chosen words and its repetitions and similarities are addressed. Therefore, identifying patterns and popular topics, as well as shared concerns, values or ideas. It can also reveal trends, thematic approaches and generate dialogue and debate on specific environmental issues.